Art and Spirituality Course LSA 16-17. Wk 3&4


In weeks three and four of the course we have been exploring ‘Composition and Relationships’ through reductionist drawing/painting.

In Week Three we added leaves to our stones, dicussing it a metaphorical symbol for autumn, the passing of the seasons and a symbol of transience. Tonal drawings of the leaf we followed by a longer drawing in the afternoon of both objects. The students were to set up chose their own simple compositions combining a stone and leaf.


dsc03411   dsc03412


In Week Four we continued to work in the same technique, but this time working on one  A1 drawing from a still life. The still life combined found stones, carved heads by Roland Bean, a stone font,  autumn leaves, other objects – a jug of water, candles and a dish of anointing oil. The class began with a discussion on the possible symbolism that each individual object or related objects suggested. The slide lecture considered artists from 17th Century Vanitas genre and Degas’s monopronts.

Work in Progress.





Finished pieces.





img_2329   img_2325