Bees are of vital importance to our eco system, pollinating both much of the food we eat and need to survive and the trees and flowers that provide important habitats for our wildlife. Bees worldwide are in danger and therefore our eco-system and humanity existence is under threat. 

The ‘7 DAYS: The Bee Project’ began in late April. I am working in collaboration with beekeeper and artist (amongst many other things)  Carrie Gooch who suggested it would be interesting to place panels near the hives she tends. Three new panels, all of a similar design have been created. The design reflects, a seed bursting forth, the seed Christ at the heart of the universe present in all things, or simply a flower an important provider of pollen for those industrious bees to makes their wonderful honey. 

Two panels have been placed in apple orchards managed by the Cyrenians (a charity aimed at tackling the causes and consequences of homelessness) on the outskirts of Edinburgh and a third one in my collaborators delightfully verdant, urban garden in which she has two hives. Each of the panels are, in some way, connecting with water; One panel has been placed in a water trough, a second in the long grass (we are hoping the dew will soak into it). 

Each of these panels is being documented, see links below to follow their orogress through the seasons.

Bee Panels 1 & 2

24th April 2022

Follow the documentation of panel 1 & 2 here:

Bee Panel 3

19th May 2022

Panel no 3. is in my collaborators garden in which she has two hives, above a pond.

Follow the documentation of panel 3, here :

Carol and Carrie on a tea break.

Carrie filming the Bees.