Day 6

Installed in Garden F: Monday 13th August 2021. Approx. 12pm

Thursday 26th August 2021. Approx. 12.30pm

Changes noted: Few changes noted. The bottom right of the panel has been moved to allow the plants in the basket to grow. The basket cannot be moved as the bottom of it has disintegrated. A small hole below the monogrammed handkerchief on the middle left has got a little bigger. Some debris from the plants has fallen both on to the top right and along the bottom of the panel. A small snail has made its way onto the top left of the panel.

Around 1pm the light became stronger causing a dramatic sense of light and shade around the panel.

Tuesday 14th September 2021. Approx. 3.30pm

Changes noted: Wow! The biggest change is the felling of the two Cyprus trees that stood behind the panel. These were taken down by the Council as their roots where in danger of causing problems to the houses that surrounded them. So a huge change which can be seen in the large photo, full of shade, on 26th August and here, full of light, on 14th September. Other changes to the panel mirror similar changes in other panels – puckering, cracking in the emulsion paint, mould in the Calico areas and some fraying, though here mostly very minor. The panel here is largely protected from the wind so there is little wear and tear from this element. There are flecks of dirt and sawdust caused primarily by the tree felling, but interestingly the pocket on the panel now has a small snail visitor.

The host and I decided to slide a plate of glass under the basket to enable us to move it and allowing both the cloth panel to sit freely behind and the plants in it to grow.

Thursday 16th September 2021. (Time unknown)

A series of photographs sent by the host who is beginning to move things around in her garden, due to the loss of the big trees. As well as beautiful light and shade on the panels they note that ‘the slugs and snails are coming out of their hiding places as plants are moved. Some snails seem to be finding refuge on the panel. I am looking forward to what changes, both to the textile panel and the garden, have occurred next time I visit. 

Tuesday 28th September 2021. Approx. 10.20am

A second series of photographs sent by the host who has captured the natural earth tones and differing textures of fabrics beautifully. What fascinated me was the bulge on the shirt pocket, apparently after I enquired, a dead leaf that had fallen in. 

Sunday 3rd October 2021. Approx. 12.20 – 3.00pm

A series of photographs sent by the host showing the Autumn leaves and changing light throughout the day. 

Wednesday 6th October 2021. Approx. 12.40pm

Two photographs sent by the host capturing beautiful Autumnal light and shadows around mid-day.

Thursday 7th October 2021. Approx. 12.20pm

Changes noted: The host has continued re-arranging their garden and added many more plants around the panel, so its very immediate environment has continued to change. The Autumn leaves are very evident at the bottom of the panel. I am uncertain as to whether these have been blown there or swept there by the host. The rain has caused the fabric to pucker more in places and some additional dirty marks have formed. Flecks of sawdust (from the earlier tree felling) and dirt have lodged themselves in some of the seams of the fabrics. The final photograph shows the grey Autumn Day that it was. 

Tuesday 12th October 2021. Approx. 12.30pm

Photographs sent by the host with an ever-increasing pile of Autumn leaves beginning to cover the bottom of the panel. Again, I am not sure if the heap is caused by the wind or the intentional sweeping of the host.

Tuesday 19th October 2021. Approx. 12.00pm

Photographs sent by host of ‘wrinkled and sodden’ panel.

Tuesday 19th October 2021. Approx. 3.30pm

Changes noted: The garden and panel when I arrived was indeed rain sodden, as my host’s photos had shown a few hours earlier. More leaves had been collecting and covering the bottom of the panel. My question as to whether these had naturally gathered or had been purposely swept into a pile was answered. It was, my host told me, primarily the wind though any other odd leaves scattered around the garden had been swept and added to the very colourful heap. Mould has continued to form mainly at the bottom of the panel and perhaps more debris was caught up in the top horizontal seams. Other than that, there seemed little change.

Changes noted (cont.): On de-installing the panel a lot more dirt and mould, as well as a few worms, slugs and snails, were discovered at the bottom of the panel where the cloth had been covered by the leaves. Having got rid of these I documented both the front and the back of the panel. This included a hole in the natural-coloured linen fabric presumably made by a slug or snail? I also placed two samples of the mould, from different parts of the fabric, into separate Petri dishes. A friend is going to examine them under microscopes in the hope we may discover more about their origins. I am interested to know if and in what way the plants/environment of the panel have contributed to the mould. I do not know if this initial examination will tell us or not. I will update further if I discover anything. Plants immediately surrounding the panel include: Sugar Maple, Common Columbine, Spreading Pellitory, Wineberry, Taiwanese Photinia, Golden Bamboo, Japanese Rose, Horse Chestnut and Fuchsia.