This page highlights talks and other projects that do not fit easily into the other categories.

Selected Talks and Presentations:

‘Art and Worship: the Work of the People.‘ Talk at the Spark Festival: Worship, Liturgy and the Arts, Greyfrairs Parish Church, Edinburgh, 2015

‘Art,  Space and Worship.’ for NiteKirk . Augustine United Church, Edinburgh. May 2014.

Calvin Symposium on Worship, Calvin Institute of Worship, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2014. Carol was part of an UK learning group on Worship at this symposium.

ITIA (Institute of theology, Imagination and the Arts) Seminar for masters students. 2012.

Sanctury First, Partner’s Day,  St. Andrew’s Church, Bo’ness. January 2013.

‘Tae See Oursels,’ 2013: ‘A Sideways Glance at Scottish Identity’ with Prof. Will Storrar and Carol Marples. For the Scottish Episcopal Church.

TISEC Summer School, 2003, 2006, 2011: Carol has regularly led worshops at the TISEC (Training Institute for Scottish Episcopal Church, now known as the Scottish Episcopal Institute- SEI) summer school at Kinoull, Perth.

‘Art and Worship.’ Morningside Baptist Church, 2010.

Holy Communion Church, Memphis, TN 2004.

Other Projects and Workshops:

Strathcarron Hospice. Bookmaking Workshop: Exploring books as ‘Memoir, Gift, and Journey’. For staff, 2009.

Ladybrook Parish Church, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. 2008. A week long workshop with Ladybook church, five surrounding schools and the local community.  To create to large hangings to initially hang in the council chambers and then to hang in the church. The initial work was done by each group in the week long workshop, a small group then formed in the church to sew together the banners.

St. Thomas’s Episcopal Church. 2007. Creating an all-age congregational artwork for the newly refurbished church hall.

L’Arche Edinburgh. Creating a Symbol of Mission. 2005. A workshop day, involving members and friends of all ages, to create an altar cloth to reflect the life of the community  

Bishopbriggs Episcopal Church. 2005. Creating artworks with the congregation and community – an altar cloth and mosaic paving stones – to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Church.

Celtic Treasures 2004: Carol led a children’s workshop inspired by Book of Kells to create images to illustrate ‘Celtic Treasures’, a family prayer book inspired by the Celtic Tradition by J. Philip Newell. Published 2005.

Art and Spirituality Community Building Day. Scargill Community,  North Yorkshire. 2003.

Art and the Senses in Worship. 2003. Workshop for Children’s Leaders of St. Paul’s & St. George’s  Episcopal Church at Carberry Conference Centre.



Lady brook hanging Tree  100_0290 - Version 2

Ladybrook Parish Church, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. 2008.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 995560753_260657f191

St. Thomas’s Episcopal Church. 2007. 


L’Arche Edinburgh. Creating a Symbol of Mission. 2005


Bishopbriggs Episcopal Church. 2005.