I Have Called You By Name: A Taster workshop. 11th August 2020

I just wanted to thank you again for today’s workshop: as I said I found I
it unexpectedly helpful

Thank you so much for this morning!  I loved it and you held us all together so very well.

Thank you for leading us Carol, I found it very useful and interesting to reflect on this passage and was amazed at how quickly the time passed.

It opened up a whole new world.

Touch the Earth Lightly. 25th August 2020

Thank you everyone for a fabulous morning – I loved it.  Being with a group who connected immediately, allowed me to work deeper and to listen to God.

Carol, you structured and ran the morning so well, thank you for all the work that went into this. The balance of music, poetry, teaching, sharing, meditating etc seems just right – and the “tone” of the morning felt very safe too. I would love to be part of similar days

Thanks for an absorbing morning and for all that was shared.

A New Way: 22nd September 2020

Thank you so much Carol and all the group for such a wonderful, thought provoking and extraordinary time today.
So many ‘new things’ to be treasured.
Very grateful,

A huge huge thanks for this morning. It is a privilege and treat to be with you all lead by Carol I cannot thank you enough. Inspiring in every way. God of nature is everything and everywhere. 

It was a tonic to step out of the routine for an hour or two and be still.

‘We look for new paths where we can see at the end there is light and hope, these are what we all need now, the ways out of dark spaces.’

Reflecting on the Psalms: A series of four monthy workshops. Aug-Nov 2020

Thank you so much for today’s workshop. I feel as though I have been on a very rich retreat and very blessed by God through you.

Thank you for another wonderful workshop. It’s so good to have the time and be given the guidance to set off on our individual journeys

Thank you for this morning, it was good to join in with everyone on this journey of discovery.

Thank you to Carol and everyone. I feel very blessed by this time together and the sharing of everybody’s creations. 

So much encouragement and hope.

Lots to ponder!

Lots to think about and explore further. I found the meditation, the images and the music so helpful, and loved the sharing of artwork.

I feel it’s such a privilege to be part of this group and am amazed at the confidence that is generated to work outside my comfort zone.  

Our small group, choosing to pray, make and share art – something beautiful that we have created – is a positive gesture towards a more reflective and generous way of being. For me a sign of hope.

Somehow what we created feels like a community of hope with all the variations within that.

Week 1. Psalm 19

Week 2. Psalm 91

Week 3: Psalm 12 & 52

Week 4: Psalm 22

Advent Workshops. 2020

Many thanks for a great afternoon. I did not know what to expect and I got a lot out of it. 

Just a beautiful, beautiful afternoon, with such thoughtful words and images. Thank you oodles and oodles. And really interesting artwork.

Thanks so much for today. I really love these times and the way you structure and contain everything! 

Thank you for today it was wonderful, encouraging and challenging in just the right degrees, in both the creative and spiritual sense.

Where does the time go?!  I could have spent a whole day on this.

My thanks again for yesterday- I found it a wonderful way to step inside some familiar Advent themes and be surprised and consoled.

Thank you so much for such a lovely Advent retreat yesterday. I felt so at home and affirmed in my own small endeavours.