Day 3

Installed in Garden C (An allotment): Thursday 12th August 2021. Approx. 10.30am

Wednesday 25th August 2021. Approx. 3.30am

Changes noted: The calico on the panel had become dirty or possibly mouldy? There was some general fraying on the edges of the panel but particularly on the wedding dress fabric on the right of the panel where the threads had entangled themselves in the nearby brambles. I decided to leave this.

The panel in this garden/ allotment is sewn at its four corners to the plastic netting behind. The bottom left-hand corner had come loose and attached itself to nearby plants. Again, I decided to leave this.

There are words – a list of grocery provisions – written on the back of this panel, as you would write a shopping list on the back of an envelope. These were visible due to the sunlight, and the candle wax on the front of the panel in this area, on this day.

I was able to spend over three hours in the garden on this visit and so was able to witness and document the changing light and its effect on the textile panel. The following images were taken at approx. 6pm

Sunday 12th September 2021. Approx. 3.30am

Changes noted: A duller day when I visited this time so not the same amazing strong light that had given the fabric a translucent quality and created beautiful shadows as it had last time. However, it was still beautiful, the whole allotment as well as the textile panel changing. The edges of the fabrics are continuing to fray and more and more wrap around the plants surrounding the piece. A large piece of calico on one of the central panels had all become dirty/mouldy except where the wax is, meaning the text on the back of the fabric, immediately behind the wax, shows through much stronger. Interestingly the dirt/mould has caught much more in the wax and the white cotton (as well as the calico) at the bottom of the panel as it has in the rest of the stitched seed shape. Being at the bottom it is nearer the soil and plants so presumably this is the reason. Brown stains have appeared around the top of the fabric, I don’t know what this is from. It could be from the berries – raspberries and blackberries – above but there is not hint of any colour.