19th May 2022

Panel no 3. is in my collaborators garden in which she has two hives, above a pond.

13th July 2022. Photos by Carrie Gooch.

In mid-July the pond has had a complete prune (if one can prune a pond) and makeover. the large pants and reeds surrounding the pond have been removed as it was getting overgrown and as you see below the water and panel are both much more visible and exposed. The panel has been left hanging just above the water line, but as the sun creates energy for the solar moving the panel over it fountains and the wind blows the cloth starts to get wet – the elements effecting the panel. The pond is plentiful with frogs, but Carrie’s cat who like to prowl around the pond knows this too!

Carrie commenting on having the panel in her garden said’

‘ I love having it here, it’s like have an altar (cloth), you know, it’s somehow giving, lifting, what could be the ordinary [into] something special.’

23th July 2022 Photos by Carrie Gooch.

Photos sent a week later show a little more development to the pond (re)making.

24th August 2022

A very brief visit before going off to see Panels 1 & 2 @ EH27. The pond and its surrounding are growing again after the pruning last month. Amongst the verdant greenery the yellow species of Sneezeweed – either Purpleheaded or Bigelow’s Sneezeweed – a herb, and the delicate Lesser Spearwort that the bottom of the cloth gently brushes over in the breeze. Little has happened to the cloth except for a little fraying down it’s edges. There is no evidence that Bees have been drawn to it. The cloth is hanging slightly above the waterline and apart from when it rains only gets a little wet when the sun is out and the solar-powered fountains shoot water up, which the fabric catches as it moves over it in the breeze. 

12th December 2022

Frost, snow and ice. The pond is iced over, they fraying edges of the fabric petals are frosted and there is a little snow on the ground. Cross-like textures appearing.

20th February 2023

Furled, unfurled. Blowing in the February wind. More of the cross-like textures appearing.

21st March 2023

The garden and the pond is becoming more verdant, full of new life. The frogs were very visable today as we were sat having our lunch in the rain (until it got too heavy) at the side of the pond which is filling wiht frog spawn. The bees are becoming more active in the nearby beehive, bringing in pollen which menas the queen is laying eggs.