ART AND SPIRITUALITY Summer School Worshop: Divine Sparks. Leith School of Art. Monday 10th – Friday 14th July 2023
10am – 4pm

Searching for divine sparks in the ordinary through the practice of observational drawing and mixed media.

This Summer School week will reflect on the Hasidic Creation story, which tells of God putting His/Her Divine Light in clay jars at the beginning of creation. The jars were not strong enough and they shattered, sending the Divine Sparks all over the earth. It is said that our role is to find the Divine Sparks and when we discover them within all things and all people both we, and the earth will be transformed.

Drawing on the work of a variety of visual artists as well as poetry, literature and music, students will spend the week exploring this theme and creating artworks in a range of mixed media.

Price per person £375.00
North Junction St. Campus
To book please go to: https://www.leithschoolofart.co.uk/course-info/767/art–spirituality-divine-sparks

A week exploring liturgy, creativity and participation through practice, discussion, workshops and worship. 

This will again be led by Jo Love, Carol Marples and Jane Bentley.WILD GOOSE RESOURCE GROUP – WORSHIP WEEK 2023
29th JULY – 4th AUGUST 2023
Iona Abbey.

More details to follow. 
If you are interested or would like to book, please go to:https://iona.org.uk/visit-and-stay/iona-abbey-centre/iona-abbey-programme-bookings-2023/

Image: Rehersal for worship in Iona Abbey, 2022 workshop.

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