Day 7

Installed in Garden Z : Saturday 1st August 2021. Approx. 9.30am

This panel, ironically the final panel was finished first because of its simplicity, and I decided to take it with me to Iona for the first week of August where I was co-leading a Worship workshop with Wild Goose Resource Group at Iona Abbey and the Iona Community‚Äôs MacLeod centre. It hung in the MacLeod centre’s front garden. 

The panel is twice as long as the other panels (1Mx2M) in order for the whole installation of panels to work in the University Memorial Chapel when exhibited.

It is the least worked panel being plain white cotton edged with gold leaf.

Changes noted: The panel was quite exposed and very open to the wind but was firmly pegged to its washing line. The following photos capture the panel over a week of mixed weather. I chose not to varnish the gold as a small sample panel seemed to work well without it. However, the gold did disappear somewhat leaving a fainter tarnished edge on three sides. The pegged top line interestingly kept its sheen. As a result, I varnished the gold on the remaining panels which so far seems to have worked.

The white cloth does enable beautiful shadows.

Installed in Garden G: Tuesday 10th August 2021. Approx. 3.30pm

The panel will remain in garden G for the remainder of the project. I had a dilemma as to whether to replace the gold lost around the three edges. While I did add new gold in some selected places around the edges, I decided primarily to leave as it was. 

Wednesday 18th August 2021. Approx. 4pm

Changes noted: As can be seen from the image above the cloth has bunched up and wrapped itself around the washing line. After documenting this I chose to repeg it in its rectangular format again.

Wednesday 27th August 2021. Approx. 1.40pm

Changes noted:  The cloth had once again wrapped itself around the washing line. This time it created a beautiful, winged form. Again, after documenting this I chose to repeg it in its rectangular format. The plain white of the cloth delightfully captured the striking shadows from the surrounding foliage. 

Tuesday 8th September 2021. Approx. 7.30pm

Changes noted: On visiting Day 7 yesterday I discovered it had been taken down and re-hung, presumably because someone had needed the washing line. Interestingly it was re-hung upside down (if there is such a thing for this piece) so that the strong golden edge that had been at the top was now at the bottom. It had also been pegged with more of an overhang. I decided to document it and leave it as it was. Other than this I observed only some slight fraying and one or two minor marks on the cloth.