1999- 2011

In 1999 Carol was asked to be artist in resisdence at the St. James Weekend Away entitled ‘The Cathedral of Dreams.’ She lead workshops for all ages of the church to create a series of installations for the Sunday morning worship. In January 2000 she became a member of the church, and in 2001 became convenor of the newly formed Workship Planning Group (until 2011).

From 2000-2007 Carol worked voluntarily, alongside rector Steve Butler and others to help to grow and facilitate the arts in worship at St. James. From 2007-2011 she was employed through the Soul Marks Trust to continue this work. A continual pattern of transforming the environmental worship space through each of the liturgical seasons Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Harvest, Advent, and Epiphany – developed. All ages of the congregation were encouraged to join in the creative workshops to change the space. These were facilitated by Carol and other members of the worship planning team. Artwork was also often created during and as part of the worship. 

In 2011 left to study at the Institute of Theology, Imagination and the Arts at St. Andrews University. The work of St. James is included in her PhD. Contrasting Examples of Liturgical Installation Art in Christian Worship in England and Scotland From the 1980s to The Present Day.

In 2014 the church building became a weekday campus for the Leith School of Art. Although this has changed the space somewhat, the visual arts continue to be an important part of the church’s worship.

In 2022 – Present day

Carol began to design and facilate the art, alongside others, at St. James once again.

See: www.stjamesleith.org

Selected transformations 2000-2011.

Pentecost 2023

Easter 2023

Lent 2023

Epiphany 2023

Advent 2022

Facilated and designed by Elea Strang and Susan Grant.

Pentecost 2022

Easter 2022

Lent 2022

Easter 2011

Advent 2010

Lent 2010

Pentecost 2009

Advent 2009

Easter 2008

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Exodus, Advent 2006

Christmas and Epiphany 2006

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