7 DAYS: The Creation Panels and the Bee Project are both currently being exhibited @ The Bield at Blackruthven, Perth, 27th June – 7th August 2024.

This page contains images of the project at Blackruthven and some documnetation as time alllows.

Hanging the Bee Panels. June 2024.

The 3 Bee Panels are current hanging on the path and a short distance away from the Bield’s Bee hives. 28th June 2024

The 7 DAYS: The Creation Panels are spread throught the grounds of the retreat centre. Each panel has been hung in a place appropraite to its days theme.

Day 1. Between the carpark and the main buildings. 26th June 2024.

Day 2. In the first of the Curling Ponds. 26th June 2024

Day 2, In the first of the Curling Ponds. 28th June 2024. Two days on the colour is changing already, I suspect given it’s placement will be the panel most effected by the elements in this new installation setting.

Day 3. By the fruit bushes. 26th June 2024

Day 3. A brighter day and some small repairs.The wedding dress fabric had come completely free on the right hand side of the panel, I re attached it with a simple gold runnning stitch, the godl a nod to the japensese art of Kintsugi and the godl used to represent the sacred in art. Much of the original text on the fabics has faded so much that it is no longer illegible. I have been questioning whether it is right and helpful to write these back in, I decided for this panel I would- it may or may not make more sense of the work. 28th June 2024.

Day 4. Hung high in the space between the Willow trees, the panel blends in to the grey white of the dull sky behind. It was raining as we put it up. 26th June 2024

Day 4. Two days later and the sun, albeit in a cloud sky it out and the panel stands out as it flies against the bluer sky. 28th June 2024.

Day 5. With it’s focus on the animals in creation it was decided to hang this by the chicken coop. 26th June 2024.

Day 5. Two days later, I found the panel in the chicken coop! Having rescued it and re-hung it returned a little while later to find it on the ground again and while trying again to re hang it was attacked for the second time by the rather aggressive cockerel protective of its hens! Others had faired similarly on meeting the cockerel in the past few days too. Fearing for my ankles and those others who might wan to see the panel I decided this was no longer the place for it. I moved it to a fence by the field which up until fairly recently had housed the Bield ‘s horse Molly, now sadly missed. I was told about Molly on more than one occasion, the empty field constantly conjuring up her now absence presence by those who mourn her passing. I had also previously seen a small deer pass by the fence and rabbits in the field around, so it still seemed like a suitable place. A hen also came to inspect as I was hanging and seemed to approve, thankfully the cockerel was not in sight! 28th June 2024. 

Day 6. It seemed approrpiate to hang the Humanity panel where people would congregate. 26th June 2024

Day 6. This panel in the Creation series is the one so far to have decayed or suffered the most damage, interesting this represents humanity! So I left after hanging them on the 26th wondering whether I should begin as first intended in this project some element of repair and should replace in some way the word ‘Humanity’ faded into obscurity. Perhaps this is appropriate given the questions of creation and climate change these panel were initially created for, but nothing by the panel indicates it is about Humanity so the concept, unless people read the printed information leaflets, will be lost. For now I decided to it, not least because I would have had to take it down and on the date in question a garden open day insured lots of people were sitting nearby. I did however decide to begin a small act of repair, using ticking fabric, thus choosing to creating a visible repair rather than a hidden one.  = 28th June 2024 

Day 7. It was decided to add this final – ‘day of rest’ – by the entrance to the labyrinth 26th June 2024.

Day 7. 28th June 2024.