Day 2

Installed in Garden B: Friday 13th August 2021. Approx. 3pm

Thursday 26th August 2021. Approx.11am

Changes noted: The panel presumably with the weight of more water absorbed into the cloth, had sagged further into the water. Garden B hosts noted that the water in the pond had increased due to rain. The calico fabric at the bottom of the panel has become stained with pond water. After photographing the work I decided to tighten the washing line and thus hoist up the panel again leaving, as before, a small section of the panel draped into the water. I expect it will gradually sink again. The fabric has also accrued some pond debris.

Garden B hosts also noted that fraying fabric threads had caught around the lilies located behind the textile panel. They had made the decision to cut the threads. Some thread remained around the lilies.

Thursday 9th September 2021. Approx. 4.45pm

Changes noted: Mould appearing. Diagonal streaks of mould extend from the pegs at the top of the panel. Presumably this is caused by rain running down the panel which is purposely hung at an angle in order that the cloth is partially submerged into the pond water below. Mould and dirt are appearing on other parts of the panel too as can be seen from the photos below. I am now becoming intrigued as to whether the mould on different part of the cloth, on the different fabrics is the same? What effect are the surrounding environments having, the different plants mixed, the varied weather conditions etc having on the fabric. I have been inspired to think about this more since seeing an exhibition of the work of Derek Christie – ‘Seen and Unseen’ – photographs of microscopic life. There are so may life forms, unseen to the naked eye, that are part of and effect our eco-system. I want to know more.

Friday 24th September 2021. Approx. 4.45pm

Photograph sent by host. Day 2 Caught up again.

Thursday 30th September 2021. Approx. 6pm

Changes noted: It was a blustery day. The fabric got caught up in the rose branch. I documented it but later found it had got entangled again. There were much stronger diagonal marks made by the rain on the top left-hand side of the panel. Interestingly the strong watermarks seen in the above photos had faded, presumably because the bottom of the panel had been out of the water for some time. I was able to take some photos by torchlight after it got dark. It had re-tangled with the rose branch but in a slightly different way. 

Saturday 23rd October 2021. Approx. 12.20-13.30pm

Changes noted: The pattern of marks caused by the rain on the upper part of the panel has grown and become more apparent. The fabric had got tightly twisted around the line on the top right-hand side of the panel. As I photographed, the wind was constantly changing the position of the panel – blowing it back into the ‘Northern Blue Flag Iris’ that are planted behind it. I was aware of subtle reflections in the water of the panel – particularly the word water, read backwards in the pond. The bottom left-hand corner of the panel has frayed in a particularly feather-like way and was beautifully drifting with the ebb and flow of the cloth as move it moved in the wind. The garden around the pond and cloth has been changing over the last few weeks too. While the red flowering Sulfur Cosmos has continued to bloom the Shrubby Crownvetch, a particularly beautiful a spring-like looking yellow on an Autumn day, has come into flower. Other plants immediately surrounding the panel and pond include Stalked Bulbine, African Lily, Sweet Flag and of course in the pond American White Water Lilies.