7 DAYS aims to cause us to reflect on the gift of creation. Our role and our place in it, what past and present effects our actions or inactions have caused, and the choices we now make in caring for and repairing it. 

7 DAYS: Project 1. Part 1 July – Oct 2012

7 DAYS was initially created as an installation project for COP 26 @ Memorial Chapel of the University of Glasgow, 1st November – 26th November 2021.

A series of seven mixed media, predominantly textile, panels, 1M x 1M, have been made by myself – artist, Carol Marples – based on the 7 days of creation in the book of Genesis, Chapter 1.

Each panel has been made from repurposed white and off-white fabrics, collaged, patchworked, appliqued and sewn together. This includes a range of materials left over from previous textile and worship projects, pillow cases, sheeting, vintage linens, handkerchiefs and even part of my mum’s wedding dress (1963) – yes she does know!

Stitched onto these panels are simple motifs and designs that reflect an element or elements of each of the seven days of creation. Alongside these are white emulsion (left over from decorating) graphite text, gold leaf (representing the sacred) and candle wax. These create additional subtle marks and textures and complete the first stage of the seven panels.

The text, a word or short phrase, was chosen poetically, rather than strictly lifted from the book of Genesis.


  • DAY 1: ‘loved into being…’
  • DAY 2: ‘Water of life’
  • DAY 3: ‘Consider the lilies’. (There is also a grocery list written on the back of the panel – part of which can be subtly seen where the wax has been applied – as one might write a shopping list on the back of an envelope or such like)
  • DAY 4: ‘Light(s) of the world’
  • DAY 5: ‘Blessed’. Everett Fox notes in his The Five Books of Moses that this is the first occurrence of the motif of blessing, which then reoccurs throughout Genesis.
  • DAY 6: ‘all humanity’
  • DAY 7: no text

The panels were installed in seven different gardens from Mid-July to Mid-October thereby handing the works over to the various situational and elemental environments of these places. I visited them regularly to both document any changes – both subtle and notable and to make any decisions that may be needed to add to, change or repair the panels during this time.

Documenting: The changes are documented here in photogrpahic and diary form:

Day 1. http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/7-days/documenting-7-days/

Day 2. http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/7-days/documenting-7-days-day-2/

Day 3. http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/7-days/documenting-7-days-day-3/

Day 4. http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/7-days/documenting-7-days-day-4/

Day 5. http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/7-days/documenting-7-days-day-5/

Day 6. http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/7-days/documenting-7-days-day-6/

Day 7. http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/7-days/documenting-7-days-day-6/

Exhibition: November 2021. http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/7-days-exhibition-1st-26th-november/

7 DAYS: Project 1. Part 2. January – June 2022

In January 2022 the panels went back into their original host gardens. As before the changes in the panels and their environments will be documented on this website. The panels will be exhibited at the Solas Festival, 17th -19th June, 2022. Errol Park, Perthshire.

Day 1. http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/7-days/7-days-january-june-2022/day-1-jan-june-2022/

Day 2. http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/7-days/day-2/

Day 3. http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/7-days/7-days-january-june-2022/day-3/

Day 4. http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/documenting-7-days-day-4/

Day 5. http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/7-days/documenting-7-days-day-5-2/

Day 6. http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/7-days/documenting-7-days-day-6-2/

Day 7. http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/documenting-7-days-day-7/

Additional, photographs and videos can also be found on the Soul Marks social media; Facebook and Instagram pages.



7 DAYS @ the SOLAS Festival:

Exhibiton and Talk.

17th -19th June, 2022. Errol Park, Perthshire. More details to come.


Other sister projects are presently being planned. Again, watch this space for details. Wi