1st – 26th November 2021

Some images from the exhibition.


Small VOICE podcast

Carol’s interview is approximately 30 mins in and lasts for 10 mins.  

You can listen to it here: 

Visitors Book: What people said:

A subtle, sensitive and allusive exploration of our created and creative world. Phil, Edinburgh

Tranquil and very restful. Juan Abad, Columbia

Thank you for this lovely project. I really enjoyed looking at it slowly online, and then coming to see the actual panels – nicely set up here. Well done. Good to be reminded of the different ways time works and tweaks changes, often barely perceived at first – the expanse of Gods time with humanity, barely a blip in the millennia. Linda Murzatroyd. c/o The Living Earth Project.

Thank you so much for this inspiring, grounded, gritty installation. Ruth

Wonderful to see and experience.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts through this beautiful exhibition, thought provoking. Andrew and Jondi

Lovely creation really fascinating.

Day six is my favourite I feel so rejuvenated-thank you. Nate

Beautiful exhibition, cheers. Tom F.

Beautiful exhibition, will definitely come and see more of the work.

Could spend much longer noticing each stitch, paint mark, raindrop stain… a work which draws me in and draws out much thought and wonders. Thank you. Joanna, Howwood.

Fascinating experience, thank you. Cris Baganiia.

Beautiful delicate, intriguing works. John Creed

Thank you for explanation. Gu Jiangwei. 

Blessed. Johnson Zhong.

Beautiful work Carol I’m so glad I came thank you. Anne

Thank you, Carol. So powerful and beautiful and evocative. so blessed and honoured to have hosted a panel. Brown.

Just wow! George.

Dear Carol, I was [feeling unwell?] and going to the Chapel To find some peace and quiet, I discovered your artwork and what it means to be a true artist and how art can help other people to heal /rest (?) I hope you find joy, love and peace well doing your art.

Let us not forget the beauty of the world and its people are trying to rush from one place to another. Saludos de Columbia, [Greeting from Colmbia] Juanita. 

Stunning and thoughtful – what a beautiful exhibition! Especially being able to go online and see the whole process I hope this travels!  Pauline


Very moving I like the details.

I very much enjoyed viewing this beautiful, intriguing and thought-provoking work. I am particularly happy that I was fortunate enough to hear the artist speak about her work and creative process. An interlude where I pondered on the wonder and the darkness of creation and my place there-in. Thank you.