This workshop can overlap or be amalgamated with the ‘Space and Worship’ workshop. Other Art and Worship workshops are offered as resource days exploring different ways to approach the themes and seasons of the church year through practical and reflective group work.

Selected Work:

Long term projects:

St. James the Less Episcopal Church, Leith, 2000-2011: Carol worked voluntarily helping to grow and facilate the arts in worshop from 2000-2007. She was then employed to take this continue this 2007-2011, when she left to study at St. Andrews University. Carol was convenor of the St. James Worship Planning Group 2001-2011.

Church of Scotland Priority Areas, 2004-2010. Carol worked with over 20 Prioirty Area Churches between 2004- 2010. Carnwadric Parish Church 2004-2005. Toryglyn Parish Church 2005- 2006. Cranhill Parish Church 2006 – 2007.  2007-2009 – a series of art and worship resource workshops for a  range of PA churches. Priority Areas Consultation. 18th -20th Spetember 2007.  Workshops and worship. 2009-10 Art and Worship workshops and Quiet Day projects.

Selected Short Term projects:

Arlington Presbyterian Church, Washington D.C., USA. Jaunuary 2014. Presentation and workshop.

Charlotte Congreagtional Church UCC, Charlotte, Vermont, USA. August. 2010. Presentation and workshop.

Old South Church UCC, Windsor, Vermont, USA. 5th -12 July 2009. Residency leading workshops and worship.

North Motherwell Parish Church, Hamilton Presbytery. 2008 -2009. A series of four ‘Art and Worship’ ecumenical workshops organised by Hamilton Presbytery covering Advent, Lent and Easter, Pentecost and Harvest.

Fischy Music Schools project, Balgreen Primary School. 12th -16th November 2008Creating work with primary age groups at Balgreen Primary School for the 10th Anniversary Celebration Service of Fischy Music. Working with artist and musician Raine Clarke.        

Perth Festival Service. May 2007. Carol took part in leading a quiet day and the creating of a congregational artwork as part of worship.

St Andrew & St George’s Church of Scotland, Edinburgh. Febuary 2007.

Overton Church, Hamilton Presbytery. 2006

Clergy Summer School. Urshaw college. Durham June 2006. Presentation and Workshop.

‘Spirituality of People with Learning Difficulties,’ Conference with John Swinton.’ 15-17th March 2006. Carol led an workship on ‘Art, the Senses and Worship. Enabling the spirituality of people with learning difficulties.’  Gillis Centre, Edinburgh. 

‘Visualing the church.’  GB British Deaf Priests Group. Bishop’s House, Iona. May 2006. Carol led a week for this wonderful group of deaf priests, and one deaf- blind priest on exlporing the use of the visual arts in the church.

St. Paul’s  Cathedral Dundee. November 2005. Planning evening and workshop day to create a celebratory worship space reflecting Cathedral’s centenary.

Steeple Church. Dundee. November 2004.  Enabling the members of the congregation to create a  ‘Sacred Space for Christmas.’


St. Columba's  St. Columba's  St. Columba's 2015

St. Columba's

St. Columba’s Episcopal Church, Edinburgh. Church Away Day, North Berwick. 2016
Reflection, coracle making and worship.

Harvest service St. Brides Liverpool. 

St. Brides C of E Church, Liverpool. 2013. Harvest Service.
Hangings crreated during a one day workshop.



St. James the Less Episcopal Church, Pentecost 2011.

Provanmill Parish Church.  Provanmill Parish Church. 2009

Provanmill Parish Church. 2009
Priority Area one day project : creating art for worship.

Old South Church UCC, Windsor, Vermont, USA. 2009  Old South Church UCC, Windsor, Vermont, USA. 2009.Laughter and shared stories during an evening art workshop.

Old South Church UCC, Windsor, Vermont, USA. 2009. Artwork created during a evening workshop.

Fischy Music 10 year Worship Celebration. 2008  Fischy Music 10 year Worship Celebration. 2008

Fischy Music 10 year Worship Celebration. 2008
Artwork created by the children of Balgreen Primary school, Edinburgh. More artwork created and added as part of worship.

Cranhill Parish Church, Lent 2007  Cranhill Parish Church, Lent 2007.

Cranhill Parish Church, Lent 2007. Priority area 1 year project.


Cranhill Parish Church, 2007. Priority area 1 year project.
Painting out Lent to make room for Easter.


Jean Vanier Retreat, Edinburgh, 2007.

Jean Vanier Retreat, Edinburgh, 2007. Doves created by members of Faith and Light and L’Arche communities from around the world.(Pre-folded) Dove from L’arche Uganda.

Cranhill Parish Church, 2006.

Cranhill Parish Church, 2006.
Communion Cup reflecting artwork created during worship for Trinity Sunday.

GB Deaf Priests Group, Bishops House Retreat, Iona. 2006.
Celebrating 25 yrs of one of priesthood.
The worship space was changed each day.

Toryglen Parish Church, Lent 2006.

Toryglen Parish Church, Lent 2006.
Priority Area 1 year Project 2005-2006

Toryglen Parish Church, Harvest 2005.
Priority Area 1 year Project 2005-2006