In Conversation with Issam Koubarj: Dark Water Burning World. 25th August 2023. St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh, in Partnership with the Just Festival.

In Conversation with Susan Mansfield: Religious Art Today,23rd June 2023. In association with the exhibition ‘When the Apple Ripens: Peter Howson at 65 – A Retrospective @ the City Art’s Centre, Edinburgh. 23rd June 2023, Carol was one of four panelists, other panetlists were David Patterson – Curator @ City Art’s Centre, David McCulloch of Morphe Arts and Dr. Caleb Froehlich, IASH-CTPI Duncan Forrester Fellow.

Art Seeking Understanding Project: (2020-2022) “Investigating Art and the Sacred at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Practice-Based Research with Theological Reflection” Edinburgh University. Carol was one of 12 people artists and academics choosen to part of this symposium.

‘Freedom Within a Framework.‘ October 2020, SEI (Scottish Episcopal Institute. (Online)

 ‘Danger Art at Work!’ December 2020,S EI (Scottish Episcopal Institute. (Online)

‘Installation Art and Liturgy in Two Scottish Churches. DThM (Professional Doctorate in theology) Residential Week: St John’s College, University of Durham, January 2018.

‘Installation Art in Worship, Scotland.‘ Ecclesiology and Ethnography Conference. St John’s College, University of Durham, September 2015

DAUGHTERS AT THE LAST SUPPER: THREE FEMINIST INTERPRETATIONS. ‘Images, Icons and Idols,’ Society for the Study of Theology: PG Conference. University of Manchester, January 2015.

THE EVENT OF THE THREAD: A PLAYGROUND FOR THE SOUL.  ‘Textures’: An interdisciplinary conference.Arts & Humanities, University of St Andrews. April 2014

‘Art and Worship: the Work of the People.’ Spark Festival: Worship, Liturgy and the Arts, Greyfrairs Parish Church, Edinburgh, 2015

‘Art, Space and Worship.’ NiteKirk . Augustine United Church, Edinburgh. May 2014.

Calvin Symposium on Worship, Calvin Institute of Worship 2014, Grand Rapids, Michigan,  Carol was invited to part of the UK group on Worship.

Seminar for Master’s students. 2012, ITIA (Institute of Theology, Imagination and the Arts), St. Andrew’s University.

‘Art and Worship’ Sanctuary First, Partner’s Day, St. Andrew’s Church, Bo’ness. January 2013.

‘Tae See Oursels:A Sideways Glance at Scottish Identity’ ’ 2013 with Prof. Will Storrar and Carol Marples. Scottish Episcopal Church, Hadddington.

‘Art and Worship’ TISEC (now SEI) Summer School, 2011,2006, 2003. Carol has regularly given presentations and led workshops for the Scottish Episcopal Institute, Kinoull, Perth.

‘Art and Worship.’ Morningside Baptist Church, 2010.

‘The work of Soul Marks.‘ Holy Communion Church, Memphis, TN 2004