Wild Goose Resource Group Worship Week. ‘In the Ongoing’ 30th July – 5th August.

7 DAYS was up for the full week of this workshop attended by 45 people from all ages, denominations and very different parts of Europe and North American. The workshop was co-led by Jo Love of the Wild Goose Resource Group, Dr. Jane Bentley of ArtBeat Music and myself. As we first met to plan the week at the beginning of 2022 it was the 7 DAYS project that gave us our theme ‘In the Ongoing’ exploring transience, uncertainty, and reliance on God. Although the week itself diverged into many different mediums – music, art, discussion, song, reflection and worship – it was right therefore that 7 DAYS should feature in the week. It was hung in the garden of the McLeod Centre of the Iona Community where our series of workshops took place. The week was mixed weatherwise, from beautiful sunshine to stormy wind and rain. I woke one morning uncertain as to whether the installation would still be there given the strong winds. Another morning after a night of heavy rain, the panels had absorbed so much water the washing line had come down under the weight of it all. I loved being able to be with them and observe them over a whole week in constantly changing light and conditions. Below are some comments on the work from some of the week’s participants.

Day 1

Day 2

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Day 7

Reflections from people in workshops

It made me think of the other paradigm for art, the one I am used to, the one whose presuppositions I was bringing to the moment.  It made me think of still life paintings or paintings of natural scenes. Those are attempts to capture something about the beauty of nature. They are static. Reified. We have them hung in museums where they are protected from the very nature they depict, where we are in control and sheltered from the wind and rain.  

Your piece isn’t that. It is vulnerable to the wind, rain and sunshine.  It is naked to the play of light and shadow across its surface.  It evokes this story of how we are created in God’s image, and then is an example of the human striving toward creation.  Of our own attempt to be creators.  And as a piece of art, this particular creation, isn’t meant to be framed and hung under lights.  Instead, it is turned back to Creation itself as an offering and sacrifice.  

That brought me into the holiness and sacredness of it all somehow. You’ve let this piece of art be “ruined” by nature, and so be transformed by Creation.  It is a sacrifice of human made beauty to a deeper beauty.  

Eric, Anglican priest, Vancouver.

Some people take the bible literally, but this works opens it out of the book and points to God in the world.

Student from Texas.

Allows space for being, to embrace all that is around it. 

Stefan, Swiss pastor 

On Day 2. ‘On the word ‘Blessed’ written on Day 2. ‘It’s on the edge, as it should be!’

On Day 7. ‘Nothing much has changed on Day 7, the day of rest and reflection – it is preserved. There is always something that remains sacred, that cannot be destroyed. This is very hopeful.’  

Comments from the group