7 DAYS is a contextual work, responding moment by moment to the environment around it. It aims to cause us to reflect on the gift of creation, our role and our place in it. What effects do our actions or inactions cause, what choices do we make in caring for and repairing it. 

Introduction: http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/7-days/

Days 1-7

Exhibition Poster

7 DAYS @ the SOLAS Festival. 17th -19th June, 2022. Errol Park, Perthshire.

Wild Goose Worship Week. Iona.  30th July- 5th August 2022.http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/7-days/7-days-july-oct-2012/7-days-iona-august-22/

Holy Rood House: Centre for Health and Pastoral Care in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.   November 2022 – onwards.http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/7-days/7-days-july-oct-2012/7-days-holy-rood-house-thirsk/

7 DAYS: Art and the Sacred. Article in the online journal Transpositions: Theology, Imagination and the Arts. https://www.transpositions.co.uk (December 2022)

7 DAYS┬áis currently hanging in St. James the Less Episcopal Church, Leith for Creationtide, September – October 2023.

More about 7 DAYS: http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/7-days/