Using the visual arts as a tool, these workshops provide a safe hospitable environment in which to reflect, imagine, express and explore the inner self and listen to the voice of God.

The Art and Prayer Workshops were begun by Carol at Leith School of Art in 1999 and became foundational to the Soul Marks Workshop ouvre. Regular Advent and Lent workshops were held at Leith School of Art, Lochiehead, Fife and later at St. James Church. Art and Prayer workshops have also been held at other times of the year on a variety of themes. Workshops have also been held in many other locations from Inverness, Scotland to Memphis, Tennesse.

No artistic experience is necessary as people are encouraged to participate wherever they are on their own artistic and spiritual journeys.

Selected Workshops.

Abbey Summer School, Edinburgh, 2014

Leith School of Art, 1999- 2011

Lochiehead, Fife, 2003- 2011

St. Mary’s Dalmahoy, Edinburgh. 2009

Holy Trinity, Dunoon, 2008.

Hilton Parish Church, Inverness, 2008

Perth Festival, Perth, 2007

Blair House. Ayrshire, 2006

Coracle Trust. Edinburgh, 2005

Catterline, Stonehaven, 2004

Holy Communion Church, Memphis, TN 2004

Created at an Art and Prayer Workshop.

‘What Might Grow Here?’ LSA, 2009 

Artwork from Advent. LSA, 2009

‘Growing Up.’ Advent. LSA, 2009 

'What Might Gorw Here?' Lent Workshop, Peebles. 2009








‘What Might Grow Here?’ Lent Workshop. Peebles, 2009

'Bearing Gifts.' Artwork: Advent Workshop, St. James Epicsopal Church. 2008

LSA. ‘Bearing Gifts.’ Artwork: Advent Workshop, St. James Episcopal Church. 2008

Particpants at 'All at Sea' Workshop. Dunoon, 2008. 

Participants at  ‘All at Sea’ Workshop. Holy Trinity, Dunoon, 2008

Labryinth. Lent Workshop 2007. LSA.

Labryinth. Lent Workshop. LSA 2007

'Walk a Mile in My Shoes' Lent Workshop. Lochihead, Fife, 2004.

‘Walk a Mile in My Shoes’ Lent Workshop. Lochihead, Fife, 2004