A series of four Art and Prayer workshops

10am-1pm (9.45 registration)

Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters. Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. (Hebrews 13:2) 

The theme for this Autumn term is Entertaining Angels. Who are these spiritual creatures, consistently mentioned in the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, described as messengers, servants, interpreters, protectors, and as myriad as the stars in the sky?  Angels have not really had much of a place in my own faith journey, but this theme has stayed with me for the past few months as one to explore, so I look forward to doing just that with those of you who would like to join me in these workshops.

Participants can sign up for all four workshops as a series (Tuesdays) or as individual workshops (Wednesdays) thus creating an ongoing group. Places are limited to 8 persons per workshop. As usual an additional workshop date has been added (Thursday 12th , 6pm- 9pm) due to high demand in the Advent season. Note, this will be a repeat of the Tuesday and Wednesday WK 4 Advent Messsengers workshop, NOT a different one.

GROUP SERIES: Tuesdays: 24th Sept/ 22nd Oct / 19th Nov/ 10th Dec 202410am-1pm (9.45 registration) FULL

INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOPS: Wednesdays: 25th Sept/ 23rd Oct / 20th Nov/ 11th Dec. (Advent) or Thursday 12th Dec 2024 (Advent), 6pm-9pm GMT

Series of 4 workshops: Full price £140.00, Conc. £120.00 for workshop series

Individual workshops: Full price £35, Conc. £30 per workshop 

Wk1. Entertaining Angels

Angels, archangels, cherubim and seraphim, who are these angelic spiritual beings mentioned approximately 270 times in the bible? What do they bring to our faith? 
Tuesday 24th September   – Group series Wk. 1 FULL
Wednesday 25th September   – Individual Workshop PLACES LEFT

Wk 2. Angels in the Life of Christ

Scripture notes the presence of angels throughout Jesus’s ministry from the Temptations to his Ascension. He himself speaks of them. What might we learn from exploring this relationship with him?
Tuesday 22nd October,  – Group series Wk.2 – Group series Wk. 2 FULL
Wednesday 23rd October  – Individual Workshop 1 PLACE LEFT

Wk 3. Angelic Guides 

The angels of Revelation are the guides, messengers, and interpreters of John’s prophetic and visionary journey of Revelation. These have captured the imagination of many artists over the years some of whom will guide us in our own reflective thinking. 
Tuesday 19th November – Group series Wk.3 FULL
Wednesday 20th November – Individual Workshop. FULL

Wk 4. Advent Messengers 

Angels appear in the Advent and Christmas stories to Zachariah, Mary, Joseph and the shepherds’ bringing messages from God. Announcing births, reassuring, rejoicing, singing and giving courage. What do they have to say to us this advent?
Tuesday 10th December – Group series Wk.4 (Advent) FULL
Wednesday 11th December – Individual Workshop. (Advent) FULL
Thurssday 12th December – Individual Workshop. 6pm-9pm GMT (Advent) PLACES LEFT


Basic art materials as below unless otherwise stated.

  • A range of colour and black and white materials in the media of your choice:
    • e.g. coloured pencils/ pastels /paints
  • A range of papers and sizes:
    • If working with coloured pencils, paint or oil pastels white cartridge paper or similar is preferable.
    • If you choose to work with chalk pastels you may want to work on a black or coloured sheet of sugar paper if you have any
    • Alternatively use any thing you can find – brown parcel paper, lining paper, cardboard etc.

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Private Group Workshops

The majority of ‘previous workshops’ are  available for a group (independent or church). To book as a private online workshop or to discuss details and possible dates and times please contact Carol:

Cost per group £180

Art and Prayer: An interview: Early in 2022 Carol was interviewed about Art and Prayer by Fiona Fidgin (Fidge), Learning and Development Officer at The Methodist Church.

I mentioned Joyce Cheverton in the above interview. Joyce introduced me to using art as a tool for prayer for the first time in on a Holy Week Art Retreat that she led alongside her husband David in 1992 on Iona at Bishops House. This was the starting point of my own journey using and offering the Art and Prayer workshops that I have now been leading for over 20 years.

Joyce, was born in Harrow in 1920, she had started creating art from an earlier age and continued to do so throughout her life produce artworks into her late 90’s. She married David Cheverton, an architect, who became a Church of England vicar. They were the parents of Mark Cheverton, who along with his wife Charlotte founded Leith School of Art. 

‘Previous Art and Prayer workshops can be found here.

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