Earth, Air, Fire and Water are fundamental to our survival. They are also metaphorical elements found in many religions and spiritual practices. This reflective, mixed media Summer School will seek to consider our connections and interconnectedness with these precious resources.

Exploring the theme of Elemental Connections, each day will begin with a lecture introducing one element – Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Throughout the week, we will work both in the studio and outside in the landscape, employing a variety of traditional and experimental art practices. On the fifth day, students will be invited to create an artist book which summarises and reflects on the themes we have explored during the week.

Art and Spirituality Day workshop SEEN AND UNSEEN: Leith School of Art, SATURDAY 5th MARCH 2022, 9.30am – 4.30pm.

This quiet, reflective workshop will use art as a contemplative tool to explore the tension between our concrete material world and its spiritual realm. Drawing on the work of a variety of visual artists as well as poetry, literature and music, students will produce one or two mixed media artworks inspired by themes such as: ‘the known and the unknown’, ‘the seen and the unseen’, and ‘the spaces in-between’. The day will include observational drawing, mark-making and a variety of mixed media processes, allowing students of all ranges of experience to create artwork which responds to or expresses the themes of the workshop.

Art and Spirituality Summer School. STILL POINT OF THE TURNING WORLD: Leith School of Art, 12 Jul – 16 Jul 2021, Monday – Friday, 9:30am – 4:30pm

Time passes in yearly, seasonal and daily rhythms, each moment gradually transforming us and our world, creating patterns and traces in our earthy lives and landscapes; seen and unseen, an ebb and flow.Examining ourselves and the world around us, students on this Summer School will look deeper using art as a contemplative tool. This mixed media course will take place within and out-with the studio, in a variety of traditional and experimental ways, to explore and express the natural rhythms of change in this earthy yet spiritual world – the ordinary and extraordinary, the still point and the dance, that which is known and that which is mystery. The course will focus on the practical application of mixed media and includes observational drawing and mark-making, allowing students of all ranges of experience to create artwork which responds to, examines or expresses spiritual ideas and practices. Students are welcome wherever they are on their artistic or spiritual journeys.

Art and Spirituality Courses (2014 -2018)

The Art and Spirituality workshops initially began as a year long course  at Leith School of Art. They ran between 2014 -2018. at present we are offering occasional Day workshops and summer School weeks at LSA.

Art and Spirituality explores the intersection of the material and the spiritual in visual art. Lectures inform and stimulate practical work will be given at the beginning of each day, along with regular group discussion and seminars. The course will also draw on music, poetry, everyday objects, and the natural world as a resource to stimulate creativity and reflection. Inspiration is taken from a wide range of artists.Workshops will begin with a lecture. This is  given on a set theme to inform and stimulate the taught and guided practical artwork that follows during the rest of the day.

Some artistic experience is helpful.

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Images from Art and Spirituality courses at Leith School of Art.

DSC09213 DSC00483 Shoes for Gladys Aylward by Margot Dunnachie. 2015

DSC02412  DSC02385 DSC02381

IMG_4075 DSC00647 DSC02588

Art and Spirituality Course 2015-2016

DSC08026 DSC08216 DSC08072

Art and Spirituality Summer School Week. July 2015

A+S 2014 -15 DSC06306 DSC06484

DSC07188  DSC07132

Art and Spirituality Course 2014-2015