A series of four Art and Prayer workshops

10am-1pm (9.45 registration)

In this Spring series we will be exploring the foundational elementals of God’s creation and essential elements of our human lives: earth, air, fire, and water through poetry, images, led meditation, practical artwork and reflection.

Participants can sign up for all four workshops as a series or as individual workshops thus creating an ongoing group: Tuesdays: Jan 23th, Feb 20th, Mar 19th, Apr 16th (9.45am) 10am-1pm. The Tuesday course is now FULL.

Participants can sign up for all four workshops as a series or as individual workshops thus creating an ongoing group: Wednesdays: Jan 24th Feb 21st, Mar 20th, Apr 17th (9.45am) 10am-1pm. (9.45am) 10am-1pm. The Tuesday workshops are now FULL.

Series of 4 workshops: Full price £140.00, Conc. £120.00 for workshop series

Individual workshops: Full price £35, Conc. £30 per workshop 

Please note we have increased our prices (for the first time in 3 years) .


Soil, rock, clay, sand, earth: this land on which we live, move and have our being, that nourishes and provides for us and of which we are part. 

Tuesday 23rd January   – Group series Wk. 1 FULL

Wednesday 24th January   – Individual Workshop FULL

Wk 2. AIR

Breath, Spirit, wind, life, unseen. Every breath, a moment of life.

Tuesday 20th February  – Group series Wk.2 FULL

Wednesday 21st February – Individual Workshop. FULL

Wk 3. FIRE

Light, burning, consuming, refining. Small flames to burning bushes – holy ground.

Tuesday 19th March Group series Wk.3 FULL

Wednesday 20th March – Individual Workshop. FULL


Rivers, seas, oceans, streams, rain, puddles, life source.  All water is “holy water” even before the benefit of a priest’s waved hand, Richard Rohr.

Tuesday – 16th April  Group series Wk.4 FULL

Wednesday 17th April – Individual Workshop. FULL


Basic art materials as below unless otherwise stated.

  • A range of colour and black and white materials in the media of your choice:
    • e.g. coloured pencils/ pastels /paints
  • A range of papers and sizes:
    • If working with coloured pencils, paint or oil pastels white cartridge paper or similar is preferable.
    • If you choose to work with chalk pastels you may want to work on a black or coloured sheet of sugar paper if you have any
    • Alternatively use any thing you can find – brown parcel paper, lining paper, cardboard etc.

To reserve a place on the workshops please email: Carol@soulmarks.co.uk


Private Group Workshops

The majority of ‘previous workshops’ are  available for a group (independent or church). To book as a private online workshop or to discuss details and possible dates and times please contact Carol: 


Cost per group £180

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