Institute of Theology Imagination and the Arts (ITIA), St. Mary’s College. The University of St. Andrews.Supervisors: Prof. David Brown (2012- 2015)/ Dr Natasha O Hear (2015 to 2019)

The research of this thesis aims to explore why and for what reasons installation has been employed in contemporary worship. It will ask, can worship be enhanced through the utilisation of installation art, and whether installation art in a worship context can offer innovative interpretations of theological themes? These questions will be explored in the areas of alternative worship, the work of Wild Goose and more recent installation work in Churches and Cathedrals in Scotland and England.

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MLitt(distinction) in Theology, Imagination and the Arts. (2012) AESTHETICS AND RELIGION: THE SCOTO-CATHOLIC MOVEMENT AND STAINED GLASS.

Institute of Theology Imagination and the Arts (ITIA), St. Mary’s College. The University of St. Andrews. Supervisor: (2012- 2015) Prof. David Brown

Art and the Sacred Symposium. University of Edinburgh 2021-2022

Art Seeking Understanding. Carol was one of 12 participants – artists, musicians, poets and academics – of a symposium exploring ‘Art and the Sacred’. The symposium was hoeted and organised by the  School of Divinity at the University of Edinburgh and funded by the Templeton Trust.

Conferences, Papers and Pubications

The Touch of Contemporary Art. Scottish Church Theology Society Conference, 8-10/11 January 2024, Stirling University

In Conversation with Susan Mansfield: RELIGIOUS ART TODAY, 23rd June 2023. In association with the exhibition ‘When the Apple Ripens: Peter Howson at 65 – A Retrospective @ the City Art’s Centre, Edinburgh. 23rd June 2023, Carol was one of the four panelists that included David Patterson: Curator @ City Art’s Centre, David McCulloch of Morphe Arts and Dr. Caleb Froehlich, IASH-CTPI Duncan Forrester Fellow.

Article: 7 DAYS: Art and the Sacred. In the online journal Transpositions: Theology, Imagination and the Arts.

Exhibition Review: Gardner & Gardner: ‘I will learn to sit with you and I will learn to listen’
Art and Christianity Journal 108 .

Public Lecture: INSTALLATION ART AND LITURGY IN TWO SCOTTISH CHURCHES. As part of the DThM (Durham’s Professional Doctorate in theology) Residential Week: St John’s College, Durham,  10th January 2018.

Paper: INSTALLATION ART AND CHRISTIAN LITURGY IN THE WEST of SCOTLAND Conference on Ecclesiology and Ethnography. St John’s College, Durham, 15-17 September 2015

Paper: DAUGHTERS AT THE LAST SUPPER: THREE FEMINIST INTERPRETATIONS. ‘Images, Icons and Idols,’ Society for the Study of Theology: PG. University of Manchester, 9-10 January 2015.

Paper: THE EVENT OF THE THREAD: A PLAYGROUND FOR THE SOUL. An interdisciplinary conference. ‘Textures’, Arts & Humanities, University of St Andrews, 5th April 2014

Article: ‘Weaving the Word.’ Church Without Walls Conference, EICC (Edinburgh International Conference Centre), 2005

Valley of the Dry Bones. Holy City, Glasgow. (Copright Graham Maule)
Valley of the Dry Bones. Holy City, Glasgow. © WGRG Graham Maule