DAY 5: Jan – June 2022

Reinstalled in Garden E: Thursday 30th January 2022. Approx. 12.50am

The ladders that sit on either side of the panel are now fully visible, due to the lack of leaves. In fact, I hadn’t even realised the right hand one was there but looking back at previous photographs it frame can vaguely be make out under the once thick foliage. The panel was secured with nails at the top and at an almost halfway point on either side. The wind suggested that bottom of the panel might move and possibly get caught on the nails.

Friday 31st January 2022. Approx. 12.31pm

A photograph sent the host showed the cloth, due to the wind, was ands had in fact got caught on the nails. the host did however capture the momentary beautiful composition of triangles and gold created by the wind and light.

Friday 4th February 2022. Approx. 9.30am

Another photo sent by the host showed that while he had unhooked it from the nail, it had this time got caught in the branches of the surrounding honeysuckle.

Tuesday 1st March 2022. Approx. 12.30am

Changes noted: Arriving on 1st March the panel was once again caught on the top nails but also on closer inspection some of the threads had also become entangled around honeysuckle branches. I documented this before freeing the panel from the nail and the branches. It may have been the light but the panel seemed to have got dirtier. While the hydrangea and other plants were dried and brown, some signs of new life were also becoming evident.

Friday 11th March 2022. Approx. 9.15am

Two Photographs sent by host at 9.11 am and 9.15 am show the panel seemingly blending into the muted colours of its surroundings, particularly in the strange light of this March morning.

Tuesday 15th March – Friday 18th March 2022 Approx. 9.15am

A series of photogrpahs sent by the host between the 15th and 18th March at approximately the same time in the morning showing the wonderful shadows created on the cloth by the morning light. The final one also shows the changing of the seasons with the blossoming of the Cherry Blossom.

Tuesday 22nd March 2022 Approx. 9.15am

This photograph sent by the host continued to highlight both the amazing shadows and Cherry Blossom.

Wednesday 23rd March 2022 Approx. 11.20am

This photograph sent by the host – with the comment ‘pigeons back!’. The pigeon can be seen in a sat similar position on the wall above the panel throughout this project. Day 5 is about the birds of the air as well as the creature of the sea! Although the photograph is taken only a day later than the above image the is very different this time the muted colours of spring and with a hint of Cherry Blossom.

Friday 25th March 2022 Approx. 11.00am

Changes noted: Given the photographs sent by the host I had to go and photograph the Cherry Blossom for myself – its beauty is so fleeting. This project highlights that the natural world and our environment are continually changing. The world is continually in flux, moving on, never the same one minute from the next, our choice is how we respond to this change. 

Japanese culture is based on change. The only thing that the Japanese find stable is that the seasons are four. The essence of the four seasons is that they keep on changing and changing. Look at the cherry blossom. The cherry is one of the symbols of Japanese culture and beauty. It flourishes all of a sudden. After a few days the weather starts getting cold, the rain falling, and the petals start falling and covering the ground as a carpet. Indeed, it’s beautiful. But the essence of enjoying the cherry blossom is that it withers away in one week. If the fine weather is too steady and the cherry lasts for more that a week, the Japanese get anxious, and uneasy, and ask themselves what is wrong with the universe. Everything is changing. 

Based on the teaching of Zen Master Dogen, Adolfo Nicolás, COMMON APOSTOLIC DISCERNMENT, NUMBER 122- Review of Ignatian Spirituality, 9- 10, accessed 22nd Feb 2019.

Red Current blossom was also coming into bloom on the opposite side of the panel.

In this season of transformation, alongside the signalling of spring in the beautiful blossoms, below the panel were the new green buds beginning to burst forth from seemingly brown barren branches, the wonderfully verdant green moss of a covering a stone and a ladybird on the dried petals of a hydrangea plant The vestiges of winter still seen as Spring gradually breaks through.

Thursday 31st March 2022 Approx. 9.05am, 9.20am and 6.50pm

Three photos sent by the host, firstly of the snow-like Cherry Blossom covering the ground in front of the panel, secondly as he noted showing a ‘different shadow today.’ and thirdly taken much later in the day showing a wonderful cloud formation that host remarked was like a ‘dark Angel over creation…’

Sunday 3rd April 2022 Approx. 9.40a m

Photo sent by the host of the panel showing the blossom on a sunny Sunday morning. It could almost be said there is an angelic like shadow on the panel this time, rather than in the sky above it. The Red Currant blossom is bright in this image too.

Friday 8th April 2022 Approx. 9.25am

Photo sent by the host. Another sunny morning yet this time there must have been a windy night as the panel is caught up on one of the nails. A lovely shadow touches the wall and top far right of the panel created by the Cherry Tree which is now changing colour due to its gradual loss of blossom.

Friday 9th April 2022 Approx. 10.20am

Photo sent by the host showing a beautiful, if momentary, shadow projected on to the panel this time predominantly on its right-hand side. The contrail or vapour in the blue sky above the plane has not long passed over a reminder, in this photograph of a small suburban garden, of the wider world, travel and perhaps also of the climate change issues behind this project.   

Wednesday 13th April 2022 Approx. 3.00pm

Changes noted: the blossom is now mostly gone from the ground and the tree, however much more greenery is starting to appear around the panel.

Changes noted continued. While taking the photographs over a period of approximately 10 minutes I witnessed a beautiful light show – that of streaks of light breaking through the gaps in the fence and wall behind the panel constantly changing as the light did. I had wondered if the panels were actually getting cleaner again in the spring rains but seeing the photos below makes me think otherwise.

Wednesday 16th April 2022 Approx. 9.45am

Photo sent by the host on Easter Sunday morning showing an odd light with grey sky and subtle shadows on both sides of the panel. the whole image is one of muter tones.

Sunday 24th April 2022 Approx. 1.45pm

The photos below sent by the host show blue skies and beautiful shadows on both the lawn and the cloth panel. The blossom has gone but the garden is verdant with new life.