Day 2

Reinstalled in Garden B: Friday 11th Febraury 2022. Approx. 11.00am

Several attempts had been made to rehang this panel throughout January but sadly Covid had gradually swept through the host household preventing the reinstallation until nearly mid-February, The Day 2 panel was, like the Day 1 panel, also reinstalled on a windy day back over its garden pond. The lush greenery of the previous summer and autumn photographs, seen in the first half of this project, was largely gone leaving only the brown reeds, with the exception of the beautiful flowering Shrubby Crownvetch to the left-handside of the pond and panel. The wonderfully clear, crisp winters day’ however afforded wonderful reflections as can be seen below.

24th February 2022

A message and photograph from the host: ‘Day 2 [has been] unfurled but might benefit from being sewn onto the washing line… see tangled mass! The hosts did keep readjusting and re pegging until I was able to visit again.

Friday 4th March 2022. Approx. 12.00pm

Changes noted: The hosts had, as I said above, continually rehung the panel and so it was hanging nicely when I visited on 4th March. I did however take my needle and thread and duly sewed the panel to its washing line. There have been no complaints since. Again, the clear day provided wonderful reflections both of the panel and its surroundings. Changes were minimal, but a twig, about a foot long, had attached itself to the bottom of the panel – I chose to leave it. The photo above, and more below, do show the beautiful yellow of the Shrubby Crownvetch that flowers through winter and spring, providing colour to the more barren winter garden. It’s worth looking back to the first photo in August –– to notice the contrast of the abundance of lush green foliage surrounding the pond at the height of the summer – it’s almost a shock to see!

Friday 11th March 2022

A photo sent by host with the title ‘Mixed Media.‘ I love that the panel becomes part of the domestic scene, its washing line practically and humorously utilised. The swimwear, fresh from wild swimming, connects to the sea (the nearby Forth Estuary) and thus truly makes the washing line a mixed media piece bringing together art- textile, the quotidian, the urban and the wider natural world. 

Friday 18th March 2022

A photo sent by host,who wanted me to ‘note the frogspawn.’ More signs of nature’s life-cycle not just in the plant life but in the amphibian life of the pond.