DAY 1: Jan – June 2022

Reinstalled in Garden A: Thursday 13th January 2022. Approx. 11.00am

The Day 1 panel was reinstalled on a windy but bright January day, the creases showing clearly as a result from it being packed in a bag since late November. A small twig, attached by the threads at the bottom of the panel since before the exhibition is still there. The cloth a little dirtier and its edges much frayed since it was first hung out in August 2021. I wonder what the next few months will do to it? How will it survive the winter winds and weather? Behind the panel the Winter Jasmine is flowering.

Sunday 13th March 2022. Approx. 3.30pm

Changes noted: The most obvious thing to note when I arrived was that it was all twisted and attached to itself and to the foliage behind the panel by its frayed threads. The host told me they had unattached it several times but that this had continued to happen. It had obviously been blown over several times as can be seen by the twisted cloth where the pegs are, to leave it or not to leave it? I decided to photograph it and then free it but as I left the wind was getting up again and I was sure it wouldn’t take long before the threads re-entangled around one another and to the small branches of the surrounding greenery. The Winter Jasmine was no longer in flower.

Monday 28th March 2022. Approx. 7.25pm

Changes noted: Not as twisted as last time I visited. I presume the hosts had untwisted it several times so that upon my arrival it was again hanging straight. There were continual signs or wear and tear especially around the continually fraying edges. Lose threads are wrapped around branches around the panel, the twig at the bottom remains wrapped in white yarn as does a similar cross of two tangled twigs at the side. Pear blossom is blooming behind the panel and he hedge itself is growing so as to push the panel forwards.

Monday 25th April 2022. Approx. 7.00pm

Changes noted: The most obvious and change was the evening light on the beautiful Cherry Blossom Tree in the host garden. The verdant greenery of the hedge and surrounding the panel was a contrast to winter bare branches, now fully covered, seen on my last visit.

The Purple flower of the Annual Honesty is growing to the right of the panel and there are still hints of Winter jasmine that I had though finished on my last visit. The ivy is bursting forth al lover but particularly in places now stopping the panel from hanging straight down. While I was photography the wind blew lightly but enough to catch the panel on some foliage at the left-hand side where it caught and change the form of the panel yet again. I decided to leave it. Few visible changes to the actual panel are noticeable.