7 DAYS: Project 1. Part 2 January – June 2022

In January 2022 the panels went back into their original host gardens. As before the changes in the panels and their environments will be documented on this website. It is hoped the panels will be exhibited in Summer 2022. Watch this for details.

Day 1. http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/7-days/7-days-january-june-2022/day-1-jan-june-2022/

Day 2. http://www.soulmarks.co.uk/7-days/day-2/

Day 3. 

Day 4. 

Day 5. 

Day 6. 

Day 7.

Page gradually being updated.

Photographs and additional videos, not available on the website, can also be found on the Soul Marks social media; Facebook and Instagram pages.